WOD 8/19/2015


WOD 8/19/2015








Warm Up: Run 2 big laps then….

10 Walking lunges


10 Good mornings



Skill: Jump Rope

10-15 minutes of double under practice

* If you are already proficient with double Unders work on triple unders.


WOD: 15 minutes of work.

A) 1000 meter row for time: record your time, rest until the 8th minute

B) At 8 minutes begin 7 min AMRAP of:

Ascending ladder of backsquat 135/95 and chest to bar pull ups.

Ex. 1 backsquat, 1 chest to bar pull up

2 backsquat, 2 chest to bat pull ups

3 backsquat, 3 chest to bar pullups

etc…. record total number of reps.

* Backsquat is cleaned from the floor once at the beginning of each round