WOD 10/28/15


WOD 10/28/15

60 minutes worth of work

Move at a moderate-low pace that is sustainable for a few hours without burning out. Throughout the entire class time, just keep moving through various movements of your choice. No need for warm up.

The movements you choose are at your discretion. Choose as many as you like in any order and for any length of time per movement. Some ideas for inspiration: 

Running, rowing, biking, jump rope, agility ladder, sit ups, plank holds (all positions), hand stand walks, hand stand kick ups, farmers carry, sled pulls, med ball toss, lunges, hollow rocks, rope climbs, GHD….

These are just some to choose from. Pick movements you can spent a few minutes working on without stopping then move on to another. Yes, you can repeat movements. 

Have fun with it and get creative! 

This is a great exercise in cardio endurance and pacing. It’s also great for fat burning and anti-aging.