WOD 10/22/15


WOD 10/22/15



Warm up: Row 750 or Bike 1 mile then….

High Knees <—>

Butt Kicks <—>

High Kicks <—>


10 Walking Lunges


Strength/Skill: Hip Extension Practice

: Pick 2 or 3 of the following movements to practice explosive hip extension:

Clean Pulls, Snatch Pulls

Med Ball Toss, Slam balls

BB Swing, Sumo DLHP


WOD: Consistency Drill

5 Rounds of: 1 Big Lap, 15 Push Press

Low Score Wins!

First Round is baseline time

The next 4 rounds focus on keeping your time as close to your baseline time as possible.


Your score per round is the difference between your time in that round and your baseline time.

Your score for the workout is the combined score for all rounds.

Your goal is to keep your score as close to zero as possible.

The purpose of this workout is to practice pacing and managing an intensity level you can maintain over time.