The Difference Between Fitness and Health


The Difference Between Fitness and Health


Welcome to the ACF blog! Here you will find all sorts of information and resources related to all things health and fitness. At Absolution CrossFit we aim to be more than just a CrossFit gym. We aim to use CrossFit as an effective and efficient tool to help our members reach optimal health, wellness and ultimately happiness. At the end of the day the ultimate goal is to, in my mentor Mark Sisson’s words, “Live Awesome!” Which just means getting the most pleasure out of life with the least amount of struggle, and sacrifice. Who isn’t on board with that?!

At ACF we provide more than just a workout. Honestly, you can get that anywhere. We provide the tools, resources, support, and guidance you need to truly live your best life. To find your best version of you. In addition to the Workout Of The Day we provide nutritional guidance both for free here, or through supplemental programs like our challenges, our 8 week group coaching program or more in depth one-on-one personal health coaching.  To aid in your jouney we invested in an InBody 570 bio-impedance device so you can really know your starting place and track your progress objectively. We also serve as a drop off location for both Walnut Acres and Kettlebell Kitchen. Both of these great food companies bring healthy, clean, delicious food directly to you! We also stock a few basic supplements from SFH, Mercola and Primal Nutrition for those who feel they need a little additional support. We only carry a few basic products we have confidence in and we think most people can benefit from. We are big believers in using real food over supplements.

Many folks join a gym in order to get fit, lose fat, add lean muscle and improve their health. Getting a great workout is certainly part of that equation but what most people fail to realize is that proper nutrition is 70% of the equation the other 30% or so is exercise, sleep habits and stress management. 6 pack abs are not made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen! The food we eat has the greatest impact for several reasons. Food has more of an impact on our hormones, genetic expression, inflammation and our immune system than any other aspect of our lifestyle choices. As just one example, if your hormones are out of balance you will find you tend to store fat vs burn fat no matter how much you exercise. If you are consistently eating foods that are inflammatory to your body you will continue to bloat, hold on to excess water and continue to store fat in order to “survive” the next perceived attack, which is often your next meal! When inflammation is high it compromises your immune system leading to a whole cascade of chronic illnesses that range from annoying and inconvenient to debilitating. Guess what? Exercise won’t fix any of this on its own, including weight loss.

Exercise does indeed burn calories, improve insulin sensitivity, build muscle, and burn (some) fat. But what comes with that increase in activity is a hormonal signal to eat more calories and a stress to the body. It is a healthy stress if done correctly and unhealthy one if done incorrectly. This is why at ACF we do NOT program hard workouts just for the sake of being hard. Every workout is a prescription with the goal of training a specific energy system or metabolic pathway. When you pair that with the right nutritional strategy for you then you have the 1-2 punch combination you need to knock out excess fat, add lean mass, reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system.

In this blog we will elaborate and continue to flush out all of these concepts for you. Understanding all this is what makes the difference between fitness and health. This will become an invaluable free resource to help you LIVE AWESOME. For those who want or need more personalized help we will continue to offer and improve on our supplemental offerings to provide you with the best possible path to being your best YOU!

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~ Your ACF Coaching Team!