Patrick Higgins


Patrick Higgins

pghigsI’ve been doing CrossFit on and off for about 4 years.  Over the course of the past 4 years, I’ve had some injuries, made excuses to not go, or would get in shape and then stop when I felt I had achieved what I had set out to do.

About a year ago, I began at Absolution CrossFit… For the usual reasons… Clothes weren’t fitting the same any more, didn’t have as much energy… In other words, time for 3 or so months of working out to get where I want and then stopping.  But what was different about ACF was that they really take an interest in you, your goals, and helping you achieve things that you didn’t even think you would.

First off, I’ve gotten hurt at gyms before.  I didn’t always lift properly, and I had a tendency to let my already bad form get worse during a workout.  This was something that was QUICKLY rectified by Brad and his amazing staff.  Once my form got better, I saw gains a lot quicker in all areas.  I lifted heavier, I ran faster, and saw my results across the board improve week after week.

Another thing that makes ACF stand out is the community.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the guy finishing the WOD first, or the one steadily bringing up the rear… Everyone cheers for and supports everyone.  The members at ACF range from lawyers to teachers to students, and from teens to experienced humans (I hate the term seniors!). It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do… You’ll quickly find that ACF will become like an extended family that you want to see at least a few times a week (more great motivation to keep going regularly).

Additionally, the coaches: Brad, Hector, Laura, Kara, Cyn, and Quentin all have something different to offer, but yet all manage to stay consistent the important areas like keeping good form as well as movement standards. There isn’t a single coach they have there they I’m not happy to see and that is something that I would not have ever said before ACF.  The other standout quality of the coaches at ACF, is that they are truly committed to helping people with more than just their bodies from the outside.  There are often seminars and programs offered aimed at improving lifestyles and diets whether it be a sugar detox, a presentation on the primal diet, or partnering with local companies to offer information on services ranging from butchers who sell grass fed or free range meats, to chiropractors, to companies that provide paleo-friendly supplements.

In the year I have been at ACF, I’ve seen my strength lifts increase by as much as 30%, and times for benchmark WODS in some instances cut by more than half.  You will be hard pressed to find a better CrossFit experience anywhere else, and a staff more committed to your success than the crew at ACF.