Out of the Box Nutrition

Out of the Box Nutrition and Absolution CrossFit offers nutrition and lifestyle content, programs and coaching.

Quite frankly you can not out exercise a bad diet. Your diet is even more important to your overall health and fitness than exercise is!

We offer access to diet and lifestyle guidance a number of ways. We have a free library of books you may borrow. Just be sure to return all books when you are finished. On this page we offer free links to presentations and pdfs that provide general nutritional guidelines.

We will also offer periodic live workshops or seminars, short term “reset” nutritional challenges, intermediate-term nutrition and lifestyle classes in a live in-person format as well as longer term, more individualized one-on-one health coaching.

Ask a coach for details!

Useful Links

Paleo 101

Paleo 101 is a quick guide to the basics of the Paleo diet. Click on the link above to open the file.

Initial Nutrition Guidelines recommended by Absolution CrossFit

Initial Nutrition Guidelines outlines both the Paleo Diet and the Zone Diet with some more detailed application recommendations. Click on the link above to open the file.

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